Bettina Schumann

Bettina Schumann did here study at the Geisenheim University for Oenology (winemaking). After she finished here study she got experienced in winemaking by working at several wineries in Germany, Austria, Italy and New Zealand. In 2011 she settled down at “Kaiserstuhl” in the south of Germany. She felt attracted by the relaxed atmosphere, the good kitchen and of course the wine. ZE started working as winemaker at Weingut Zimmerlin. Beside that she was called in by other winery’s as a consultant in winemaking. In 2014 she started to make her own wines. Buying grapes from vineyards. She is involved in those vineyards the whole year round. Because she is already working here she knows the vineyards very well.
The wines from Bettina are complex and refined. She is exploring new ways. There is rosé, PetNat and even orange wine.
Wine & Roses is the exclusive importer of the wines from Bettina. On Saturday the 15th Bettina we be in our shop to present here wines. We will start at 14:00 untill...
Come and find out all about the exciting wines from Bettina Schumann.


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